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NEWS: Sigma (SIGM) holder Potomac files for proposed sale of USD 2.16mln shares
REACTION: In an immediate reaction, SIGM shares rose 1.2% from USD 4.69 to USD 4.75

NEWS: IGI Laboratories (IG) completes its sixth ANDA filing for 2013 under joint drug development and commercialization agreement
REACTION: In an immediate reaction, IG shares moved up 4.72% from USD 2.97 to USD 3.11

NEWS: CNBC reports confirmation that Corvex Capital met with Hertz’s (HTZ) management 2-3 weeks ago
REACTION: In an immediate reaction, HTZ shares moved 1.23% higher from USD 28.06 to USD 28.40

NEWS: Reports on Weibo say Qihoo 360 Technology (QIHU) Mobile Security announces a pact with Apple (AAPL)
REACTION: In an immediate reaction, QIHU shares rose 2.36% from USD 81.55 to USD 83.43

NEWS: Positive Seeking Alpha article for Crystal Rock Holdings (CRVP)
REACTION: In an immediate reaction, CRVP shares moved 9.51% higher from USD 0.90 to USD 0.98

NEWS: Debenhams (DEB LN) said the retail sector as a whole is highly competitive with gross margin declining in the 17 weeks to December 28th and are to cease their buyback.
REACTION: In an immediate reaction Co. shares fell 7.19% from GBP 0.81 to GBP 0.75, with the total move across a 40 minute period totalling -12.81% to GBP 0.71. Due to the size of this move, the FTSE 250 index fell 31 points from 15926 to 15895 across a 48 minute period. Alongside this news in a sector related move, FTSE 100 retailer Marks and Spencer (MKS LN) shares immediately fell -2.05% from GBP 4.49 to GBP 4.40.

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