The RANsquawk audio is delivered to you from 0630 London time / 1230 Central time to 2130 London time / 1530 Central time and only when news, rumour, flow or commentary is deemed important enough to be broadcast. The audio is not continuous and we are not a pit squawk. We speak only when necessary.

Our audio coverage is based on the expected events of the day for which you will always hear the following;

  • A 10 minute rundown ahead of key figures, speakers, earnings and auctions
  • A 1 minute and a 30 second 'heads up'
  • Instant analysis of an announcement as it is released in real-time

The key benefit of listening to RANsquawk is that you will have access to an entire team of analysts who are constantly on the lookout for unexpected news. For example a surprise sovereign ratings cut, a rumour of economic data ahead of a figure release, a terror alert at a major capital city or a stock downgrade.

By using RANsquawk you will have multiple sets of eyes, ears and contacts in the market looking for this news so you will never miss a market move again!

See below for our complete list of audio channels.

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The ultimate package in receiving full real-time market news and flows across all fixed income, equity, FX and energy markets in the US, Europe and UK

  • A hybrid service that combines the fixed income, equity and FX squawk down one designated channel
  • Covers all G7 economic releases and world central bank speakers
  • Major company news, earnings, dividends from the FTSE, DAX, CAC, EUROSTOXX 50, SMI, DJI, S&P, NASDAQ
  • Government bond auctions and refunding announcements with relevant flows in the cash market
  • FX flows in the major pairs (EURUSD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, GBP/USD) and crosses
  • Rumours relevant to all asset classes


Covers all related news and flows for indices and companies in the major US, Europe and UK equity markets

  • Stock splits, buybacks, major company restructurings as they happen
  • M&A activity, FDA notices and potential company litigations
  • Rumours on news, earnings and anything that may move a company's share price
  • Major company earnings from:
    • FTSE
    • DAX
    • CAC
    • EUROSTOXX 50
    • SMI
    • DJI
    • S&P
    • NASDAQ

Fixed Income

Covers all related news and flows in fixed income products for markets in the US, Europe and the UK

  • Covers all G7 economic releases and world central bank speakers
  • News, flow and rumours related to all of the curve in the US, Europe and UK from STIR's through to bond futures listed on CME, Eurex and Liffe and the cash market from LIBOR through to cash bonds including government bond auctions, refunding announcements, major flows (big yield levels, curve plays, cash buyers/sellers)
  • Big option plays in ED and ER from inter-dealer brokers on the screen and in the pit
  • Major government bond auctions and refunding announcements (US, Europe, UK)


Covers all major pairs and crosses thoughout the US, European, and UK sessions

  • Covers all G7 economic releases and central bank speakers
  • Flows and technicals for major currency pairs:
    • EUR / USD
    • USD / JPY
    • USD / CHF
    • GBP / USD
  • Other currencies covered include AUD, NZD, CNY, NOK, SEK and any currency that is in focus and is having knock on effects to the wider market
  • Rumours of large bids, offers and stops in the market, sovereign order flow, option barriers and expiries and the big levels that FX desks are paying attention to


Covers all related news flow, data, and weather forecasts for the major US products within the energy complex.

  • Focuses on WTI crude, Brent crude, natural gas, RBOB gasoline and heating oil futures
  • Commentary from the EIA, IEA, NOAA, USCG, NHC and all OPEC officials
  • Up to date geopolitical news that is relevant to the energy markets
  • Latest weather forecasts in the US provided by Weather Derivatives and Accuweather
  • Relevant corporate news flow (refinery flarings, explosions, maintenance periods)
  • Rumours relevant to energy stockpiles, discoveries, order flow, refineries and anything that may move the energy markets

Other Services ...

Alongside the real-time audio we also offer:

  • Real-time scrolling news
  • 4 daily videos
  • In house research reports